I am a postdoctoral researcher in the area of cryptography, working at IBM Research, Zürich. I am currently working on efficient zero-knowledge proofs, especially those based on lattice assumptions. I am also interested in number theory, game theory, and both classical and quantum information theory.

Before joining IBM, I was a PhD student at University College London, supervised by Dr Jens Groth and Dr Sarah Meiklejohn. Previously, I studied Mathematics to Part III at Clare College, University of Cambridge.

Jonathan Bootle

jbt at zurich dot ibm dot com

Security and Privacy Group
IBM Research Zürich
Säumerstrasse 4
8803 Rüschlikon


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Publisher links are often non-free. Links to free preprints and e-prints are included where available. Presentation slides and other extra materials are sometimes included.


I used to help to teach COMPGA18 Cryptanalysis at UCL. Here are some materials from the course as taught in January 2017.


Useful notes, to include a variety of topics in the future.

Old Lecture Notes

My old, mostly handwritten Cambridge maths notes. I am responsible for any errors or omissions.

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